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Remember me?

Posted by: Ken


I wonder if any remembers me College St.School 1934-36 Sanford St.School 1936-1943.The College Day Commercials 1943-44.Attended St Pauls Church and joined National Provincial Bank. Retired to Cirencester.

Pinehurst Secondary Modern 1957-1961

Posted by: Roger


Does anyone out there remember me from Pinehurst Secondary Modern School? I was ther from 1957-1961.It would be great to hear from you

Lost Friend

Posted by: Dustin


I spent some time in Swindon in 1995-97 and had a friend named Wilson Lawrence. When I moved back to the United States I lost track of him. If anyone has any information regarding Wilson please let me know. Thanks

Memories of Swindon

Posted by: Sandra


I used to live in Silverton Road, Swindon from about 1963 to 1965 and went to Park North Infant School followed by Park North Junior School for a short time. I had a friend from Silverton Road, called Cheryl Morgan. I remember Cavendish Square. If anyone thinks they may know me or just would like share memories of the area please contact me.

Still looking for lost friend"

Posted by: Frank


Would anyone know who would have the birth, marriage, and death records of the Holyrood Catholic Church. I know church records are never destroyed, buy may have been moved to another location. Would there be an e-mail address for such location?

Looking for Martyn, Chrissy, Michelle and Lisa Smith

Posted by: cheryl


Hi i am looking for a family i knew when i was younger. They are martyn chrissy michelle and lisa smith and lived in barrington close, Liden in the 1990's. I know that Michelle had a little girl and her other halfs name was dave. If any one knows them could you please ask them to get in touch as i really would love to see them all again.

Joan Dew

Posted by: Jeff


In 1968 Joan was a hairdresser in Pewsey. She was married in or around 1974 and I lost touch. If anyone knows of her whereabouts i would be grateful

Emigrated to Australia 1969

Posted by: Barry


G'Day, I lived in Swindon (Park South and Nythe Estate) from 1960-1969. Went to school at Sanford St Boys and Park Senior High. When I left school I worked for Barclays Bank in Farringdon. I emigrated to Australia in 1969 - All my mates thought that I was mad emigrating to "the Colonies" but I found my fortune in a bush lifestyle and a great job. I look after Abercrombie Caves Reserve (A National Park of about 1400Ha) I would love to make contact with any of my old school mates.. In particular Trevor Clayson, Colin Littler, Peter Partridge, or James Grigg... Send me an email.

Jennings Street Secondary Modern School

Posted by: Glenda


I used to live in redcliffe street rodbourne and attended jennings street secondary modern school and wondered if any old classmates are about and how they are doing.

Care Home for Children, Wootton Bassett January 1943

Posted by: Susan


During WW2, around January 1943 I was put into a small care home for children in Wootton Bassett. I was not quite 5yrs. old so I have no real memories of the place except that the house must have been fairly central as I think it was quite an old house facing onto a street. I wonder whether there is anyone who can recall such a place, exactly where it was, what it might have been called or who ran it. I would be grateful for any suggestions, please. Thank you.

Looking for Jones family of Pinehurst

Posted by: Angie


I was born on Pinehurst Road in 1950. Does anyone remember the Jones family there? Please help

Missing Swindon

Posted by: Jackie


Hiya, I've just came across this site and I have to send out a message to anyone that went to StJoseph's comp in Walcot. I am 50 this year so that will give you a time to think about. My name was Jackie Delaney I have a sister Jill who thankfully is a year older than me. We lived in 4 shirley close walcot swindon. I would love to here from anyone still around the area - Barbara Paliwoda, Desiray deran, colin joyce, terry morgan, angela telford, ohh... I cant remember all the names. We went to live in Ireland in 1975. Would love to hear from someon.

Lost friend

Posted by: Frank


Is there anyone in the town of Swindon who would remember and know the where abouts of a lady named Pauline Power Draycott ? She would soon be 80 years old. Her husbands name was Richard and having two children, Beverly and Richard. Years ago she lived on Limes Ave. In the early 60's she moved five miles out of town. She danced often at the Locarno. I was her friend in 1952. She was a member of Holyrood church. I would like to know what happened to her and if she is living or deceased.

Pinehurst Secondary Modern 1952-1955

Posted by: Sheila


I was at Pinehurst Secondary Modern School 1952-1955.  I can't remember the headmaster's name, but he was lovely and worried about me because I was so shy.  Does anyone remember me, especially Angela Feare who took me under her wing? I would love to hear from anyone of that era

USAF 1951 - 53

Posted by: Frank


I was USAF 1951 to 1953 and lived on Draycott Road, off Eastcot Hill and Bath Road. I would like to hear from anyone.

Burderop Park revisited

Posted by: Frank


Swindon People Link carries a message from a Frank Prather who served at Burderop Park between 1950 - 53. I have tried to e-mail him but the mail returnes as undeliverable. Frank, if you read this you can e-mail me as above. Another Frank from Burderop Park..

Swindon Revisited

Posted by: Frank


Many years ago I was stationed at Burderop Park with the U. S. A. F. in 1951-2 and 3 It was a hospital base at the time. We airmen often attended a dance called the Locarno where I met some nice ladies there. Their family's were very kind to me and made me feel welcome. One family had a daughter named Pauline. I would like to hear from anyone who remember me.

Looking for Agnes Titcombe

Posted by: Barry


My Aunt (actually my Mum's cousin) is Agnes Titcombe who used to live in Shrivenham - Highworth Road I think. Her house was opposite a field that looked in the direction of Watchfield. I have had no contact with her (or her daughter Carol) for over 50 years. If anyone has any information or leads I would be grateful.

Morses store in Regent street

Posted by: Steve


Anyone from the days of the old Morses Store in Swindon was there in 1968-1969. Like to hear from anyone who has memories or photos of the store.

Looking for Lucy Foster

Posted by: Sharon


Hi, I am looking for Lucy Foster who attended Liden Infant Pimary School from 1980. I left Swindon in 1982 and moved to Australia with my family. I did hear that she may have moved to Germany soon afer I left. If you are out there I would love to know how you are! If anyone knows Lucy or anyone else out there attended Liden Infant Primary in the early 80's, I would love to hear from you.

Holy Rood School

Posted by: Barry


Would be nice to speak to anyone who attended Holy Rood school and its various annexes between 1950 &1960

Looking for Yvonne Lawrence born 1956

Posted by: Linda


I am looking for my best friend - Yvonne Lawrence who lived at Sunnyside Avenue. She gave my parents her new address many years ago when they met in town one day. My parents lost the paper and ever since I have been trying to make contact or find information about her.

Liden Primary School

Posted by: Julie


Anyone out there from Liden Primary? I attended 1974 - 1980 - 81, then onto Walcot Secondary until 1983/84 then onto Oakfield until 1986. I used to live at 37 Barrington Close, Liden Swindon. I have one brother Paul Pillow and mum and dad are Bob & Wendy Pillow. If you know of any of us would love to catch up. I currently live in Virginia, USA, my brother lives in Limoge, France and my parents live in Marsaskala, Malta.

younger days

Posted by: Lorraine


In the 1970s or early 80s, I can't really remember, I lived with my aunt and uncle in Naunton Road and O use to hang around with a girl called Dot. My uncle used to called her Dot Dash Period. Does anyone remember her, or myself. I would love to hear from anyone who used to hang around Sussex Square in those days.

Pinehurst Secondary Modern Pupils 1961-1966

Posted by: Veronica


I used to attend Pinehurst Secondary Modern School from 1961-1966 and I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. My family lived at Wavell Road and I moved away from Swindon in 1967 and lost contact. Is there anyone by chance that was in class 4b in 1965-66, and has old school photos. A couple of names that I remember from school are June Hicks, Heather Robinson and recall a boy called Peter Quince. My first job on leaving school was with Morses catalogue warehouse in Rodbourne and I worked with a girl called Gillian Naunton. If there is anyone who remembers it would be nice to catch up.

Looking for Walcot Friends

Posted by: Sylvia


I awoke this morning wondering about some of my old school friends from Swindon and of the bizarre things we got up to at such an early age (9 or 10)- ie: selling raffle tickets door to door,then buying cakes etc with the proceeds. It was Barbara Tomkin's idea if my memory serves correctly, I'm sure she must be an entreprenuer today. My name is Sylvia Foster (nee Brown) and attended Lanesmead primary. I lived at 34 Somerville Road, Walcot, we often played at Sussex Square, I loved the library. We moved away for a couple of years then returned, I attended Walcot Secondary (1969-70). My parents managed the Bulldog Off-Licence before sailing off to Australia in 1971 where I am today. Some of the names I remember from school and surroundings: Lucy Adler, Tina Hunt, Susan Sturgeon, Helen Smith, Barbara Tomkins, Michelle Dingley,(another) Sylvia Brown, Leroy Hogan, Nigel Causton. If you are out there and would like to email, please do, I would love to hear from any of you.